Monday, 30 January 2017

Year 1899

   Year 1899

         “Run Jimmy, run!” shouted Lory.  The tsunami was sure going to hit.  In about 2 minutes all the boats and houses would be ruined.  This is going to be the strongest and fastest tsunami ever.  Everyone was screaming, crying and running, or biking away from the tsunami.  Everyone trying to get as far as possible.  Jimmy and Lory ran to a bike and left.  Each second they used and needed, each breath they took well panting fearless. Tired, no water, they can not stop, they have to pedal. But as Lory turned around she saw the tsunami face to face.  The tsunami moved all the boats and houses around to different spots, and surprisingly all the right way up.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Day 173 of the apocalypse

      Day 173 of the apocalypse
              “Kevin, pick up that steel.  We can use it to make weapons.”  Kevin picks up the steel that was under some leaves. Then they head off, until they make it to a farm.   They search for food and they find carrots and a lot of seeds.

          Rick says, “It’s getting dark.  We should head back to sanctuary.”

        “Good idea!” Replied Kevin.  So as fast as possible they throw the seeds in their bag, then head back to sanctuary.  Kevin shouted, “Dad, (Rick) watch out!” It was too late.  Kevin was very tearful when he told the people at sanctuary his dad died.  All he has to remember his dad is a mauve compass.                 

Monday, 16 January 2017

The sunny but snowy day?

      As the weather changed to sun. Mason asked, “What do you guys want to do today?  We can’t go to the movies with this awesome weather!”
     Carrol replied, “We could go to the store and get some drinks. Then head down to the lake. I heard it’s not that busy today.”

      Jason says, “That sound perfect. Who’s coming? I know I will.”  After about 10 minutes they are all ready to go.  All 5 of them head down to the store.  Everyone picks out 2 drinks, and then head down to the lake. But when they get there they see the weather change again from sun to snow.